Business Visa

Company formation in Romania

Depending on the type of company chosen, certain measures must be followed when establishing a company in Romania. Entrepreneurs may request the formation of various types of businesses in various cities across the country. Preparing a collection of documents to be sent to the Trade Registry in the city where the company will work is one of the first steps in starting a business in Romania. We are a specialist legal company that provides foreign businessmen who need to register a company in Romania with fast, low-cost, and professional Company Formation Services. We guarantee a custom company setup based on the unique business needs of each project, we allow our customers to set up their company online without having to travel to Romania, and we usually complete the company registration process within few working days. What sets us apart from the competition is that we can assist our clients on a 360-degree basis, rather than simply offering business forming services. Our team of lawyers and accountants will be available at any time to provide any customer with legal advice, business advice, tax planning, accounting requirements, market analysis, and even public financial services. We are deeply committed to delivering the best company startup services across the world, based on a detailed understanding of the activities and legal requirements that each individual Customer may have, as we recognise the value of providing sound advice to everyone considering relocating to Romania, the European Union’s Tax Heaven. To register a Limited Company in Romania, there are no citizenship restrictions or conditions for Romanian residency. We serve foreign customers and can manage any business structure, regardless of scale.

Why should you start a Company in Romania?

–   A member of the European Union, with a potential consumer base of more than 500 million people.
–  Hundreds of countries have bilateral ties with Romania.
–  Romania has a huge population, which offers a strong market.
–  Romania has a workforce that is affordable.
–  Romania’s government has implemented a range of incentives to entice foreign companies.
–  Family settlement options in Europe.
–  Get a world-class educational and health-care infrastructure

Business visas Azerbaijan

Located between Asia and Europe and with important neighbors like Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Georgia, and sea exits to the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is a democratic republic, with a well-known and rich history, culture, legacy, natural resources like petroleum and gas, a state recognized as one of the oldest in the world. The inheritance and the fast development made Azerbaijan a country with high potential and a stable economy which attracts investors worldwide interested in discovering forceful industries to generate money. Among sectors with full growth potential, we mention the agriculture, the tourism, the petroleum industry, the energy, and manufacturing, where entrepreneurs can establish their companies and activities.

European Business and Investor Immigration

In the 28 European Union countries, there are different immigration systems Foreigners have an immense interest in gaining EU citizenship, and therefore foreign investments & business setup will improve European

Uninion and EU member countries ‘ economies, which is why, for companies, business individuals,

entrepreneurs and investors to use to move to the European Union, many countries have recently established investment-based immigration visas.

One of the most important benefits of the EU is that holders of EU passports can fly, operate and live openly in all other Member States.

The latest policy of transparency provides multiple business opportunities to foreign citizens willing to gain citizenship in one of the EU countries.

Business visas USA

There are various groups by which businessmen and investors travel temporarily and permanently to the United States. Below are some of the popular options:

EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 Diversity Investor visa is a visa provides a way for foreigners investing money in the United States to receive a green card. In order to obtain a visa the persons must spend $1 million (or at least 500,000 dollars in a “targeted area of work”–high unemployment or rural) and must establish or retain for U.S. citizens at least 10 jobs, excluding the investor and his immediate family. The EB-5 programme, which promotes development and job creation within the geographical region, also allows for investment in a Regional Center.

Business visas Canada

The Canadian Corporate Immigration Program welcomes people who wish to go and establish a company in Canada, or who want to be autonomous in Canada. The government operates through IRCC, and as a result of declining labor it is part of the efforts of the Government to promote International Immigration and improve the Canadian economy. The General Start-up Visa Program and the Special Provincial Nominee Program included.